IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Course. Second edition

15 speakers from TOP companies

Starts September, 7



At Data Science UA, we don’t need the six-handshake theory to meet key market players. We create the perfect match between IT professionals and the best companies in the world.

More than 4 years of experience in IT recruitment and we can find any candidate for any project and a cool team for the strongest engineer.

So, we decided to gather all our knowledge, experience, real cases and created a course that will help each participant to become a first-class IT recruiter.

You need our IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Course if:

  • you work as a recruiter, but decided to discover the world of IT;
  • you have heard a lot about IT and want to build a career in this field;
  • you want to reach a new level and close more complex vacancies;
  • it is convenient for you to work from anywhere in the world

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You need our IT Recruiter School because:

  • Our speakers are TOP specialists from the best IT companies. You can read hundreds of books, and you can chat with those who have gone through all possible challenges and gained invaluable experience. School mentors will share insights that are used daily.
  • The program is the heart of our course. It will beat in the rhythm of the most current practices, tools, and approaches used by a first-class IT recruiter.
  • Practice. Practice. And a hundred more times practice. Every second Saturday we will test all recruiting tools on ourselves during practical workshops.
  • 80 level in knowledge of the IT recruiter in 45 days. You grow professionally and personally. And this is the best foundation for a successful career.

Course format — online


  • Volodymyr Levytskyi. Technical Recruiter, Grammarly
  • Ksenia Konorskaya. Head of Recruitment, Reface
  • Karina Karpenko. Technical Recruiter, Bolt
  • Oleksii Grekov. Head of Recruitment, SQUAD
  • Yulia Kudina. VP of People, Reface
  • Yana Pampukha. COO, Global Talent
  • Yulia Melnychuk. Talent Delivery Specialist, Intellias
  • Kateryna Voitenko. HRD, Greenstone Management
  • Maria Dziubina. Head of Marketing, Room 8 Studio
  • Anatoliy Yurynsky. Team Lead, Ciklum
  • Alexander Reshetnikov. IT Recruiter, Brightgrove
  • Aleksandra Boguslavskaya. CEO / Founder, Data Science UA
  • Anastasiia Rusavska. Head of Recruiting, Data Science UA
  • Mila Chernyi. Recruiting Lead, Data Science UA
  • Nika Tamayo Flores, Head of Consulting, Data Science UA
  • Oleg Boguslavskyi, Co-owner, Data Science UA

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