Head of product


We are looking for an experienced farmer platform manager. The platform is a very important part of the company. And the person who is responsible for it should be an entrepreneur with a great level of freedom and responsibility.

You are a good candidate for us if

  • You are an entrepreneur at heart and an experienced product manager (10+ years). Participated in the creation of teams of 20 people;
  • You love people and know how to inspire them;
  • You have built digital products with millions of users in B2C or B2B2C in the international market;
  • Strategic and tactical;
  • Deeply understand how the mobile market works;
  • You are a fan of continuous improvement, in the product, in the process, in yourself. You love your job, yo give all to satisfy the clients and make the best product for them;
  • Advanced level of English


  • Gathering a team, supporting and inspiring;
  • Teaching, improving processes;
  • Deftly solve complex problems;

Why it is interesting to work with us:

  • The company makes a free product for all farmers on Earth. It’s not easy because farmers are different everywhere, and the fields are different as well;
  • They have a small team, so you can touch everything with your hands. The result of good and bad decisions is immediately visible. Everyone’s contribution is enormous.
  • Agriculture! It’s super interesting and technologically advanced. You can load files into the tractor and it drives itself across the field, the combine costs like 5 Lamborghini Gallardo and the weeds are destroyed with a laser.
  • Common sense. This is a product for people and it`s cool when technologically complex things are easy to use.

What we offer

  • Inspirational project for people from the real world;
  • A strong team of good people without unnecessary formalities;
  • You can work from anywhere in the world;
  • You could try to ride a combine


    Location: Kyiv
    Type: Full-time

    Our partner is a team from Minsk, created a product for farmers, that has become noticeable in a couple of years. Users of this company are in every country in Europe, in the United States of America (USA), Africa, Australia, Ukraine, Russia.
    Company analyzes satellite imagery and uses machine learning technologies. They were the first in the world to recognize all fields in Europe and in the USA.