Junior Data analyst


  • Experience in working with databases from 1 year (writing moderately complex SELECT queries, aggregate functions + grouping, understanding the difference between different types of JOINs)
  • Experience with Python / R to work with datasets and related packages for data analysis
  • Confident knowledge of descriptive statistics, understanding of methods for testing statistical hypotheses
  • Confident knowledge of the theory of probability and understanding of basic probability distributions and their applicability to real problems
  • Knowledge of classical linear models and clustering methods and their optimization
  • Basic knowledge of NLP methods (frequency analysis, a bag of words, tf-idf, Ngrams) 
  • Understanding of basic marketing and product metrics and their calculation methods


  • Formation of reports from databases
  • Conducting statistical analysis on data
  • Data visualization, building dashboards in DataStudio, Graphana
  • Generation of automatic update reports (crowns)
  • Involvement in the construction of machine learning models (detection of anomalies, time series, classification, clustering)

Will be a plus

  • Understanding the principles of query optimization
  • Understanding Bayesian statistics and MCMC methods
  • Knowledge of bash, Git / Github, Docker
  • Experience with Google Analytics (Reporting API, RealTime API), GoogleAds

What we offer

  • Growth within the team from Junior to Senior
  • Participation in building complex machine learning models
  • The opportunity to learn the principles of development and promotion of B2B and B2C products
  • Health insurance
  • Payment for refresher courses
  • Paid English classes
  • Each employee, working in the company for a year, receives his own option contract.
  • All financial information about the company’s growth is open to every PDFfiller employee, regardless of their role in the team. Every six months, team members receive a full financial report from the President of the company.


    Location: Kyiv
    Type: Full-time

    Our partners are a data-driven product company. This means that any decision is made when it is supported by data. The Data Analyst team assists all product and marketing teams in the company.

    The data analyst team has a lot of tasks and ideas to work through. To implement these ideas and evenly distribute the workload, we are looking for two junior-middle data analysts. Their main task will be to help with the preparation of statistical reports, dashboards, data analytics.