• 5+ years of experience as a data scientist focused on working with financial data and risk modeling
  • Good understanding of the machine learning algorithms and their real-world advantages/drawbacks.
  • Experience in deploying models to the production
  • Good knowledge of SQL
  • Advanced knowledge of Python’s data manipulation libraries (pandas, numpy, scipy etc.)
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (tensorflow, pytorch)
  • Experience with time-series
  • At least Upper-Intermediate level of English


  • Planning and scoping efforts to deliver on the Machine learning-driven product requirements
  • Selecting and building features to be used in the models
  • Mining the data from the main database
  • Augmenting available data with the data from other sources
  • Building software collaboration with the engineering team to exchange the data
  • Identifying and building appropriate models
  • After February, managing the team of data scientist and machine learning engineers
  • Managing collaboration with the Product and Engineering teams


    Location: Kyiv
    Type: Full-time

    Our partner is ambuildinga cutting-edge accounts receivable management software that uses automation and machine learning to help finance teams become revenue heroes.They’re a rapidly growing company at the forefront of back-office automation, AI, and machine learning and also one of the leaders of the industry in terms of user experience and consumerization of enterprise software.