Marketing Data Analyst/Scientist (based in Germany)

About us:
We are Data Science UA, and we are a fast-growing IT service company. We are proud of developing the Data Science community in Ukraine for more than 6 years. Data Science UA unites all researchers, engineers, and developers around Data Science and related areas. We conduct events on machine learning, computer vision, intelligence, information science, and the use of artificial intelligence for business in various fields.

About the client:
Our client is the leading digital and marketing solutions provider for the electrical industry. Drawing on an extensive understanding of the marketplace, they create valuable connections and unique business opportunities, operating as a local partner at the core of the global electrical industry, primarily serving electricians, wholesalers & manufacturers.

Their purpose is to inform, educate and reward our 635,000 electro-technicians to unlock their full potential, with their ultimate goal being to support the advancement of the electrical industry and transform lives. They do this by providing the latest news, insights, trends, rewards initiatives, and training to enable them to solve complex electrical project challenges.

The company is currently undergoing an exciting period of transformation with an expanded digital product portfolio including innovative IT, software & data solutions serving the top electrical manufacturing and wholesaler businesses.

Backed by world-renowned electrical manufacturing corporations including Schneider Electric, Signify, ABB & Nexans and headquartered in Geneva with offices in Heidelberg, London, Milan, Stockholm, São Paulo & Kyiv.

About role:

They are looking for a passionate Marketing Data Analyst / Scientist to help the business accelerate the journey toward becoming a more data-centric business. This entails establishing ‘data’ as a company asset and the starting point should be undertaking a data inventory/data mapping activity to ensure there is a clear understanding of the data the company holds today and how it is used before moving on to consider any external data that can be used to enrich the data?

This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced Senior Data Scientist who can lead strategy using data to provide the business with insights and recommendations capable of delivering outcomes that drive transformational growth to the company at this exciting phase of the company’s evolution.

Most importantly, they need the Senior Data Scientist to establish and embed data management initiatives and frameworks that will allow them to monetize their data, internally and externally.

This role will help them put data at the center of their business strategy, evidenced by improved decision-making and the optimization of operations.


  • Audience Data: You have been proven track record in building audiences from data sets like transactional or panel data.
  • Analytical Skill Set: Advanced working expertise in analytics and business information tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Domo, etc. with a proven history of applying tools and techniques for data analysis.
  • Build Your Own Path: Create models, processes, and audiences that do not exist yet for data-driven marketing use cases like campaigns and industry dashboards.
  • Data Visualization: Ability to visualize data for clients and internal use cases in detail and on a management summary level.
  • Data Modelling: You can produce data models and understand where to use different types of data models. You understand different tools and can compare between different data models. You understand industry-recognized data-modeling patterns and standards.
  • Measurement: You can prove the performance of a marketing campaign by setting up a statistically significant test scenario.
  • Data Handling: Evidence of having identified, collected, and migrated data to and from a range of systems managed, cleaned, abstracted, and aggregated data alongside a range of analytical studies on that data.
  • Soft-Skills: Self-Starter, Problem-Solver, communication skills to bridge the gap between product, IT & data, and project management skills.
  • Language: English speaking, and German language skills are beneficial.

They offer:

  • The company is very much an International environment with a multicultural, diverse employee base.
  • The culture is defined by their employee’s desire to provide value to their customers to achieve their goals and, in so doing, help shape the future of the business.
  • You will be a core part of the data-driven business transformation of the industry-leading loyalty program.
  • The company provides a friendly team working environment with many great opportunities to learn and develop on the job.
  • The company employees are a hard-working, passionate, goal-oriented group of people who pride themselves on building great customer relationships.
  • The office is conveniently located in the center of Heidelberg and London with free drinks like coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks.
  • Also, fruits and sweets are provided for free.
  • The team enjoys lunch with console sessions and table kicker. Flexible remote working is also part of the company’s employee friendly culture.


Location: Germany/UK/Eastern Europe

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