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As a leading artificial intelligence consulting company, we can demonstrate how beneficial AI can be for your business.

As a leading artificial intelligence consulting company, we can demonstrate how beneficial AI can be for your business. 

Before rushing into the software development process, few essential nuances have to be considered. These nuances can often become obstacles that prevent companies from implementing artificial intelligence into their services.

Overall, companies follow similar steps to implement artificial intelligence, bringing potential solutions from ideas to functioning software.

The first step, like in most cases, is the problem definition. As a leadingData Science and  AI consulting company, we believe it is the most crucial step that AI consulting can help with. 

Main advantages of Artificial Intelligence implementation across different industries:

  • Support business decisions
  • Optimize processes
  • Analyze the market and trends
  • Help in customization and personalization
  • Identify and mitigate risks and prevent fraud

How do we do it?

  • We at Data Science UA start with discovery. We find out what your company needs, what the current situation is. And come up with a couple of ideas to give you benefit right away and simple use cases to start with. The smallest changes and insights often make the greatest impact, and we just keep building from there.
  • Data Science UA gathers a team for your project and develops a tech solution that’s needed for your individual needs.
  • Then, we work on implementation and take care of everything to make your work run smoothly.
  • Yes, we care! It’s what makes us so unique and great at what we do. That’s why we are ready to support you on and through every stage, help you to continue this journey, and build your business future.

Top 10 challenges that can be solved on Problem definition stage with our AI consulting service:

  • Unclear Metrics of the Project Success (Vague success metrics of the ML model)
    It is crucial to understand whether the model is successful or not. An AI consulting will help you define specific metrics to evaluate the model’s performance in the future.
  • The Model is Developed. Now how do we make use of it? (Even if we had the perfect model — no clue of how it will be used within existing workflows)
    AI solution for real business doesn’t have to be just an expensive experiment. Development must be applied in the best possible way and artificial intelligence consulting guides the work effectively.
  • Maximizing the Accuracy Without Trade-off Context (Building a 100% accurate model — no clarity on the acceptable trade-offs such as precision vs. recall)
    Each use case for AI services is unique. Sometimes 99% accuracy does not cover the needs of the business. An AI consulting company can determine what metrics and accuracy are used and how well they are implemented.
  • Not Looking for the Simpler, Effective Algorithms (Using a hammer to kill an ant — not checking the performance of simpler alternatives)
    Determining the best model is always research, but implementation must be kept in focus. An AI consulting firm can analyze a ready-made solution or direct the development more simply.
  • Not Checking if the ML Problem is Worth Solving at All (Not all ML problems are worth solving — the impact may not be worth the effort)
    Not all issues can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence, and sometimes it is not required. AI consulting services will be able to figure out how to solve the problem of your company better and identify the need for research
  • Ignoring the Cost of Data Among Others (Underestimating project costs — ignoring data costs)
    An Artificial intelligence consulting company can point out all the nuances of collecting data at the start of a project, updating them and what is important, how much it can cost. Correct formation of the project budget is a direct key to its successful and timely implementation.
  • Not Paying Enough Attention to the Ethics of AI (Treating AI Ethics as a nice-to-have)
    AI consulting can provide expert judgment on the data you intend to use. You need to be careful with the available data, especially if it is personal data.
  • Not Distributing the Problem (Not decomposing the problem)
    Artificial intelligence consulting services help to analyze the main problem and break it down into several small ones. This will give a deeper understanding of the problem and reveal all the nuances for a solution.
  • Improving the Model Endlessly (Optimizing on the model perpetually)
    An AI consulting company can assess the current status of the implemented model and the need for its improvements. Sometimes you need to stop and not waste resources because the product is already working well enough.
  • A Lot of Data Means a Successful Project (Assuming Petabytes of data available = Successful ML project)
    A good result directly depends on the quality and quantity of data for the future AI product. An AI consulting company can help evaluate how good your data is for the project.

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Who is an AI consultant?

An AI Consultant is a person who has expertise in artificial intelligence, has experience in implementing AI in production, and helps organizations do it.

Why is AI consulting becoming important?

Many companies feel the need to apply artificial intelligence tools. Not every business has a competent technical department to assess the work of the future solution and the necessary resources. AI consulting provides expert assessment and assistance in project implementation.

How can business adopt AI to the core of the organization?

AI products help improve not only the interaction with consumers but also the company’s internal processes. AI helps with workflows automation, resource optimization and increases productivity.

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