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There are some typical problems for data science as well as artificial intelligence to solve in various industries. Nonetheless, we focus on particular businesses, not verticals. We ceaselessly learn something new and use our cross-industry expertise. The limitations are set only by imagination and deadlines – in short, the sky’s the limit. No matter, what your sphere is, we are keen on the application of AI in different industries to help you. Here you can find practical examples for AI in industries.

Customer Analytics

Behavioral analysis, customer portrait, churn prevention, etc.

Workforce Analytics

Performance management, top performer profiling, recruitment strategies analysis

Sales, price, proceeds, revenue

We can forecast virtually anything

Data Science Featured Industries


When artificial intelligence is working with IoT devices it means that data can be analyzed and decisions can be made without involvement by people. In a broad variety of industries where IoT is implemented, AI can help to identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart devices and sensors transfer (for example, air quality, humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, sound, and others).

Retail (E-commerce)

Retail usually accumulates large amounts of data and is eager to use data analytics.
We can help with:
- customer analysis;
- assortment analysis;
- sales forecasts;
- marketing and advertising budgets optimization;
- increase the efficiency of merchandising and supply chain management.

Logistics & Warehouses

The transportation and warehouse industry is data-driven and needs analysis of historical and real-time data performed by intelligent algorithms. So our team can help with:
- traffic management improvements
- warehouse optimization,
- route optimization (“travelling salesman” problem),
- developing optimal loading systems and utilization systems for vehicles;


Generation of optimized plans that enable predictive maintenance is one of the key goals for AI in manufacturing, as well it helps in:
- optimizing production lines and logistic chains;
- forecasting revenue;
- determining optimal employee workloads;
- setting up automated systems for monitoring compliance with safety regulations.


Farmers aim to maximize production and profits using innovative software and data collection and analysis. We can make the analysis of historical and real-time images & data collected from databases, satellites, drones, IoT sensors that can help to:
- increase the yield of farmlands;
- ensure serviceability of farm equipment;
- monitor fields conditions, irrigation, soil moisture, etc;
- predict weather conditions.


Nowadays AI helps to deploy effective cybersecurity technology and allows businesses to solve major cybersecurity challenges: cyberattack, financial loss, or brand reputation damage. We can help cybersecurity teams to:
- analyze patterns in user behaviors and respond to changing behavior;
- identify cyber vulnerabilities and irregularities in the network.


AI is already transforming the healthcare industry—helping patients and hospitals optimize costs and increase care delivery through actionable insights. We can help to:
- manage and analyze data to provide;
- improve preventive care;
- create personalized treatments;
- make optimization of scheduling and bed management;
- detect and analyze patient patterns and correlations for better decision making.

Your industry isn’t listed above. Can Data Science UA help you?

Yes, we can! Data Science UA helps with implementation of AI in different sectors. We love challenges and are ready to “do our homework”. Our team is not afraid to ask questions and mine information to learn new industry/business better. We’ve worked with various industries before and can think out of the box. Our company believes in a T-shaped approach: each team member should be an expert in a particular domain/technology and have broad knowledge in other spheres. Remember Power Rangers? They are pretty cool solo, but joining their powers they can do anything. It helps us to find elegant solutions to unique problems.

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