End-to-End AI services for the pharmaceutical industry

Our AI-powered ecosystem works with your data for efficient quality control and R&D processes. We aim to provide the best automated quality control with a human-machine collaboration based on custom needs for maximum impact by harnessing the potential of your pharmaceutical related data.


Data Science UA team of leading AI specialists in chemistry harnesses advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to streamline analysis, AI expertise and development, expedite drug discovery, and optimize the efficiency of pharma processes. 

We operate as a service company, leveraging robust expertise in AI.
Our company has created the Data Science Community of over 30,000 top AI engineers in Eastern Europe.
We are able to reach the most complex goals for your projects with our expertise.

7+ years on the market

Over 100 + successful projects

15+ projects in the healthcare sector

Core team of top AI specialists in the field of Pharma

80+ in-house team

30 000+ AI engineers in our ecosystem


By leveraging AI algorithms we can predict success rates with greater accuracy and reduce costs, minimizing the need for expensive laboratory experiments.

Advanced strategic combination of AI and pharmaceutics!

Accelerating drug discovery. Lead compound solubility and toxicity prediction.

Real-time analytics service, providing immediate data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Intelligent custom dashboards, offering sophisticated data visualization and actionable insights to enhance decision-making capabilities.

Predictive Modeling: AI algorithms can create predictive models that simulate the behavior of drugs in the human body, which leads to saving time and resources.

Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms can scan and analyze electronic health records, clinical notes, and research papers to extract information on disease diagnosis, treatment, and medication.

How Data Science UA could benefit you?

Implement AI models in drug discovery

Analyzing vast datasets, aiding in virtual drug screening and personalized treatment planning. Implementation of ML for drug discovery.

Utilization AI-driven computer vision

Enhances drug manufacturing by identifying defects and anomalies on conveyor belts, improving accuracy and safety.

AI and IoT for clinical trial efficiency

Solutions for data-based candidate selection, trial design insights, and patient monitoring enhance clinical efficiency.

Personalizing patient care

AI identifies diseases through scans, genetics, and behavior analysis.

Engage with us for transformative AI-solutions in the pharmaceutical industry!

Explore our industry cases

Company with industrial health and safety platform

AI R&D Center with full-cycle back-office support
based on CV/ML.

Company with quality control automation tool

Developed automated HPLC peak integration tool based on sophisticated signal processing technique and Deep Learning

Drug discovery assistance

Developed a powerful solution for AI empowered lead compound solubility estimation.

Product integrity control automation

Automated detection of the product defect empowered by CV algorithms

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