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We are data science consulting company that can give you a serious competitive advantage.

The first question in your business you might want to ask yourself is ,‘Why do I need a data science consultant? Well in our AI-powered world, data has become the most valuable asset. It is what helps companies grow, to become bigger, better and develop. Relying on customer information and market trends, investors make their decisions counting on data analysis instead of trying to guess which trends to follow. No one can predict the future, but with this data science we can come very close.

Some people may think data science is a piece of cake, saying how hard can it really be? Can I really get valuable insights from several thousands of rows and columns of numbers in a spreadsheet? But all jokes aside, data analysis takes time and profound expertise. If you go to a dentist to have your tooth pulled out you want a qualified one not some guy who has seen it done and thinks that’s easy. The same goes for data. It takes special skills and knowledge not only to obtain some value from data but to get actionable insights. Insights, understood by others besides data geeks.

That’s where we step in

At Data Science UA, we know the typical data problems companies meet. 

  1. Business managers cannot harness the power of data analysis.
  2. Tech pros hardly understand the needs of this business.

That’s why we aim to bridge that gap.

Think of R2D2 from the Star Wars. He’s smart and helpful, instantly processing data and giving valuable insights (not to mention he’s cool and hilarious). The same approach we practice here, at Data Science UA, for you, to help you win your battles and finish your quests.

Data Science UA Consulting. The Robin to your Batman. 

The competition in this industry is quite tough. A data science consulting company that can give you a serious competitive advantage. A Service that will guarantee high-quality data analysis. 

Every hero needs a sidekick. The same goes for businesses. You may think that data science consulting services are a privilege. But with technology being the way of the future, it’s a vital part of any business that wants to grow and move forward and not become part of a museum exhibit. Professional support in the domain of Data Science and Business Analysis can help you understand your customers and your business process better. A win-win for anyone wanting to build and grow their business through data science and consulting.

Not to mention the great machine learning tools to empower new opportunities for you. (Spoiler alert: no, machines will not take over the world and/or your business).

Investment in data analytics consulting will boost your business growth. How so? Read further!

Core areas of expertise

Business analytics

We know how to transform business needs into technical tasks

Data collection and aggregation

We help to bring data from different sources into one single place

Data warehouse development

We know how to build and operate data storages

Business intelligence solutions

We design and create dashboards and reports for data-driven decision making

Data mining

We know how to get actionable insights from data

Advanced analytics

We use sophisticated techniques beyond traditional data analysis

Machine learning

We execute AI/ML projects and integrate models into the company's workflow

Project management

We can support the whole project from the very beginning to an end

Industries We Serve

1. Marketing

Marketing teams tend to have lots of data about advertising, web analytics, customer behavior, etc. We can fine-tune all data analysis solutions to run like clockwork and  free up more of your marketing team’s time to be strategic and effective. Our data science services company uses machine learning to:
– forecast sales;
– recommend products;
– analyze assortment and so on.

2. Retail (E-commerce)

Retail usually accumulates large amounts of data and is eager to use data analytics.
We can help with:
– customer analysis;
– assortment analysis;
– sales forecasts;
– marketing and advertising budgets optimization;
– increase the efficiency of merchandising and supply chain management.

3. Manufacturing

Generation of optimized plans that enable predictive maintenance is one of the key goals for AI in manufacturing, as well it helps in:
– optimizing production lines and logistic chains;
– forecasting revenue;
– determining optimal employee workloads;
– setting up automated systems for monitoring compliance with safety regulations.

4. IoT

When artificial intelligence is working with IoT devices it means that data can be analyzed and decisions can be made without involvement by people. In a broad variety of industries where IoT is implemented, AI can help to identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart devices and sensors transfer (for example, air quality, humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, sound, and others).

5. FinTech

FinTech companies usually work with sensitive information and have high-security standards. We take all necessary precautions to keep their data safe. Data Science UA can assist such businesses in:
– credit scoring;
– recommendation systems for both new and prospective clients.

6. Logistics & Warehouses

The transportation and warehouse industry is data-driven and needs analysis of historical and real-time data performed by intelligent algorithms. So our team can help with:

  • traffic management improvements
  • warehouse optimization,
  • route optimization (“travelling salesman” problem),
  •  developing optimal loading systems and utilization systems for vehicles;

7. Insuarance

AI can help insurance companies deliver high-quality service as it has done for major leaders in other industries such as Healthcare, Fintech, etc.

Our data science agency can help to:

  • create a more personalized service;
  • predict the repair costs from historical data;
  • provide a selection of better investments based on risks, preferences, and spending patterns;
  • improve claims analysis.

8. Agriculture

Farmers aim to maximize production and profits using innovative software and data collection and analysis.  We can make the analysis of historical and real-time images & data collected from databases, satellites, drones, IoT sensors that can help to:

  • increase the yield of farmlands;
  • ensure serviceability of farm equipment;
  • monitor fields conditions, irrigation, soil moisture, etc;
  • predict weather conditions.

9. Cybersecurity

Nowadays AI helps to deploy effective cybersecurity technology and allows businesses to solve major cybersecurity challenges: cyberattack, financial loss, or brand reputation damage. We can help cybersecurity teams to:

  • analyze patterns in user behaviors and respond to changing behavior;
  • identify cyber vulnerabilities and irregularities in the network.

10. Healthcare

AI is already transforming the healthcare industry—helping patients and hospitals optimize costs and increase care delivery through actionable insights. We can help to:

  • manage and analyze data to provide;
  • improve preventive care;
  • create personalized treatments;
  • make optimization of scheduling and bed management;
  • detect and analyze patient patterns and correlations for better decision making.

What clients and partners say about us

Benefits that Data Science UA Brings

Data analytics consultancy is a versatile tool so its advantages change from business to business. But it is always high quality and tailored to you. Again, an R2D2 guiding your spaceship in the right direction.

Yet, generally speaking, data scientists use computer science, statistics, math, machine learning, AI, and special software to:

  • Support business decisions. A reputable data science consulting firm provides assistance in data visualization, information management, and data mining to help stakeholders in their decision-making.
  • Optimize processes. Why spend resources on daily routines that can be done by smart machines?
  • Analyze the market and trends. Data science consulting helps businesses deliver relevant products to the right customers. Data scientists can assist in matching consumer trends with product logistics. For instance, we can create your customer’s portrait based on social network content.
  • Help in customization and personalization. Data analysts filter and group personal data coming from different customers to create a better and more individualized shopping experience for them.
  • Identify and mitigate risks and prevent fraud. Data scientists can notice data that stands out in some way to prevent challenges that could hinder business development.

At Data Science UA, we do more, building bridges between your business, data, and technologies. We equip you with the tools necessary to get it right and make it work, creating the whole data infrastructure and nurturing the data-driven culture. 

Think of Getting Started with Data Science UA?

  1. When starting a data science consultancy with Data Science UA, our data consultants will get into the detail of your business to provide you with professional data-driven solutions. Data Science UA is a business as well, so your success means our success. The more we can achieve together, the better your future and ours will be.
  2. You should realize that consultancy should be professional. The field is highly competitive and demanding. Your data science consulting company should be able to take the responsibility for the suggestions it makes to you.
  3. Data science as a specialization is an emerging subfield that is quickly evolving like the world of technology around us. So it should be done by a professional who can actually bring value to a wide range of customers in different areas from healthcare to e-commerce.

What can we do for you?

We have a team with deep expertise in various data-related fields. With a developed tech stack and rich background, we can do:

  • Business analysis
  • Systems to collect and store data
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Machine learning tools
  • Project management
  • …and much more!

How can we help with it at Data Science UA?

  • We provide cross-services and can find any specialists necessary for your project.
  • Our partner network supports the data science and analytics tasks that your business may meet. We have colleagues in software development companies, mobile/web apps development, system architects, cloud computing experts, etc.
  • Being technologically agnostic, we use the technologies that fit best for you the client and their tasks. 
  • We may be data geeks. But we know what business needs. There will be no misunderstanding with business approaches or business processes.
  • We help you with the digital transformation of your business, giving a helping hand on every stage. You’ll get all the necessary documents, guides, and how-to. Even in an unfortunate situation if we end our cooperation, you can easily start with another provider. Since our work is top quality, the second best out there would be able to do a little homework and catch up to speed.
  • Data Science UA deals with everything, there is no need to look for other contractors. We have you covered in every way possible when it comes to your data analytical needs.
  • We simply love data science! So, whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, we’ll find a way to make data work for you and bring you profit (as well as good ROI). As that’s what it all boils down to at the end of the day making the numbers work for you.

How do we do it?

  • We at Data Science UA start with discovery. We find out what your company needs, what the current situation is. And come up with a couple of ideas to give you benefit right away and simple use cases to start with. The smallest changes and insights often make the greatest impact, and we just keep building from there.
  • Data Science UA gathers a team for your project and develops a tech solution that’s needed for your individual needs.
  • Then, we implement these and take care of everything to make your work run smoothly.
  • Yes, we care! It’s what makes us so unique and great at what we do. That’s why we are ready to support you on and through every stage, help you to continue this journey, and build your business future.

FAQ about Data Science Consulting

What does a data consultant do?

A data consultant is a professional who helps businesses leverage data to solve complex problems and make informed decisions. They assist in building data infrastructure, analyzing data, developing predictive models, and fostering a data-driven culture within organizations. Data consultants also provide services such as strategy building, validating strategies, model development, and employee training.

What data & analytics challenges is your organization facing?

At Data Science UA, we understand the unique data and analytics challenges faced by organizations. Some common challenges include data integration, data quality and cleaning, data storage and management, data analysis and visualization, predictive modeling, and deriving actionable insights from data. Our consulting services aim to address these challenges and help organizations maximize the value of their data.

Which are the best data science consultancies?

Determining the best data science consultancies can vary based on specific criteria and requirements. Data Science UA provides comprehensive data science consulting services, including building data infrastructure, custom development, and nurturing a data-driven culture within organizations.

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