Data Science Meetup

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Borys Pratsiuk, CTO, Scalarr, Olexander Savsunenko, Senior Research Engineer and Michael Korkin, CTO, Everguard

February 25

from 19:00 till 22:00

Creative Quarter, Gulliver

Sportyvna Square 1A


On February 25, Borys Pratsyuk, Oleksandr Savsunenko and Michael Korkin will talk about the role of data science in product companies, share their own experiences and observations.



Borys Pratsiuk
CTO, Scalarr

Alexander Savsunenko
 Senior Research Engineer
[:uk]Michael Korkin[:]
Michael Korkin
CTO, Everguard

Borys Pratsiuk, CTO, Scalarr
Topic: How Big Data and Data Science help fight off fraud

He graduated with honors from the Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics at KPI in 2007, majoring in Physical and Biomedical Electronics, and in 2012 defended his dissertation at the Faculty of Electronics at KPI.
Borys is CTO at Scalarr and also has his startup Fino (financial assistant).

Borys will talk about how the bad guys steal money from app developers who show ads in their apps in the digital advertising world. How different types of fraud look from the data point. How the infrastructure of the whole solution is organized and what roles you need to play. And finally, it reveals a mega secret: the difference between data science in outsourcing and product.


Alexander Savsunenko, Senior Research Engineer
Topic: Levelling up your data flow

Alexander has experience in creating AI / ML algorithms for business applications. Works with the most advanced CV algorithms. Previously, he was developing a CV solution for Luminar Photo Editor.

Product Model Mistakes and Discoveries: How to Work with Growing Datasets? How to build an iterative ML model development system? Why do data science need QAs and what is their role?


Michael Korkin, CTO, Everguard
Topic: How to improve safety in dangerous industrial workspaces with computer vision and sensor fusion

Many industrial workspaces remain extremely dangerous for workers.  Steel plants, construction sites, oil rigs, mines, and other industrial environments have high rate of accidents, including fatal.    

Our company is on a mission to radically improve worker safety with computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion.  Unlike typical applications of computer vision, we are confronted with harsh environments, low visibility, lack of basic data communications, and difficulty in obtaining training datasets.  All of that calls for highly innovative solutions and thinking outside the bounding box.




Meetup opening


Borys Pratsiuk, CTO, Scalarr. Theme: How Big Data and Data Science help fight with fraud


Michael Korkin, CTO, Everguar. Theme: How to improve safety in dangerous industrial workspaces with CV and sensor fusion


Oleksandr Savsunenko, Senior Research Engineer. Theme: Levelling up your data flow


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