IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Meetup 2.0

Oleksii Grekov and Irina Lisovska

March 11

from 19:00 p.m. till 21:00 p.m.

Offline and Online


On March 11, we will hold “IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Meetup 2.0.” — the webinar dedicated to IT recruitment. 

Our team received great reviews and requests for similar events after the last meetup. So we continue the tradition and invite you to the next event.

This time we will talk about technical interviews and interaction with interviewers.

Format offline and online.

We offer both options:

  • Offline for those who miss live meetings and networking. We will be waiting for you in our favorite Creative Quarter office in BC Gulliver (Everything will be held in compliance with quarantine regulations)
  • Online for those who still prefer to study from anywhere in the world.

Speakers. Topics.

? Oleksii Grekov. Head of Recruitment, SQUAD.

Hiring process and interaction with interviewers.

Let’s talk about the importance of the hiring process and how it is built on the example of SQUAD. Prerequisites and formation, difficulties during implementation and results. Common language with interviewers and continuous improvement.


? Irina Lisovska. Head of people in and founder of Recruiters TechCamp community


Technical interviews for the recruiter.

How? And most importantly what is the reason? What can you, as a recruiter, tell about an interview to a developer and a manager? How can you make all the participants happy?


Meetup is useful for:

? recruiters who work in a highly competitive environment and at “high speeds”;

? recruiters who need to show high results and KPIs every month;

? recruiters who are constantly working with a request “for yesterday” and a large number of communications;

? recruiters who have extensive experience and for those who are just starting out.




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