Online meetup with Taras Rumezhak: 'Essentials of Visual Generative AI'

Speaker: Taras Rumezhak, GenAI Cluster Lead at SoftServe R&D

April 18, 2024


Taras Rumezhak, GenAI Cluster Lead at SoftServe R&D, BSc at UCU, MSc at the University of Oxford. With 5 years of expertise in ML, CV, and deep tech research, he drives the visual Gen AI direction and delivers complex projects for leading global companies in marketing, retail, manufacturing, and beyond.

We will teach technical theory and talk about non-obvious application cases of technology. Our discussion will cover these topics:

1. The current state of the visual content generation industry (images, videos, 3D)

2. Advancements in generative CV models

3. Theory behind the Stable Diffusion architecture

4. Opportunities and limitations of current models

5. Pipeline composition and curious use cases

6. Overview of the visual content generation market

We highly recommend this meetup for individuals who have directly worked with Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or DALL-E or have heard about them. Wanna delve into the technical theory? Interested in building businesses or startups with visual Gen AI? Taras prepared something special for technical CV/ML engineers, managers, and decision-makers.

For students: 100 UAH (3$)
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