The course by Oleksandr Romanko ``Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence`` -

Oleksandr Romanko, Ph.D., Lead Research Scientist, SS&C Technologies. Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto, Ukrainian Catholic University, Kyiv School of Economics

July 17

from 10 a.m. till 05 p.m.



On July 17, a course “Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence” will be held with Oleksandr Romanko, who is a professor for a part-time at the University of Toronto and UCU, as well as the Honorary Director of the МВАІ program at Kyiv School of Economics. Alexander will tell about the practical side of the application of mathematics in Data Science and AI.

Oleksandr received a doctoral and master’s degrees in the field of computer science at the University of McMaster (Canada), a master’s degree in the economy in Karlovy University (Czech Republic), and a diploma specialist Sumy State University.

The course will be useful to all those who know how to count the derivative or once heard of it. Also, all who seek to understand optimization models, statistics, machine learning algorithms, and neural networks use mathematics in examples of practical cases in Python.

Knowledge of Python is not required to understand examples.

Course program:

Overview of school mathematics (functions, equations, derivatives)

Mathematics for statistics

Mathematics of optimization algorithms

Mathematics for simulation analysis

Mathematics of machine learning

Mathematics of neural networks

Course language: Ukrainian, slides, and explanations to Python examples in English.


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