Useful analytics without expensive systems and unnecessary complexity

Elvira Nassirova, data analyst of the team

July 7



On July 7, Elvira Nassirova, data analyst of the team, will hold an online meetup on the topic: Useful analytics without expensive systems and unnecessary complications

Each project has a unique set of reports in the form of tables and dashboards with metrics and indicators that change from day to day. Some of these metrics are more important, others less important to the business.

Therefore, in order to save time and effort of the team, as well as to facilitate the process of tracking the trends of the main metrics, the team came up with a method that allows you to configure the sending of automatic notifications with data excerpt from Google Sheets to Slack using Google Apps Script.

At the meetup, we will learn about the details of automating data flows and setting up the notification system using available tools.

The meetup is useful for data analysts working on projects where an active collection of data is carried out on a daily basis (analytics of a web resource or product use, error monitoring, etc.) and tracking various indicators.

Join us! By setting up such a system once, you will receive a long-term benefit in the form of a mini-product without which it will be difficult for you to imagine your working day!


Till June 30 — 200 UAH.

From July 1 — 250 UAH. 


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