Strengthen your GameDev company with our AI expertise

Our team leverages advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, and AI technologies to personalize gaming experiences, uncover player actions or optimize the entire development process.


Data Science UA stands out with its unique AI expertise in game development.

We operate as a service company, leveraging robust expertise in AI.
Our company has created the Data Science Community of over 30,000 top AI engineers in Eastern Europe.
We are able to reach the most complex goals for your projects with our ecosystem.

7+ years on the market

100+ clients worldwide

Over 20+ successful projects in GameDev and esports

30 000+ top AI engineers worldwide in our ecosystem

80+ in-house team


Optimizing the retention of players, reducing costs and unlocking new levels of the entire development process.

Because we know what your gamers want!

Real-time analytics service, providing immediate data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Level-up games plot with non-player characters (NPC support) – advanced AI allows NPCs to respond smartly to players, adjust strategies, and learn from past interactions.

Procedural generation techniques, so AI algorithms can autonomously generate a variety of visually striking characters with minimal manual intervention.

How Data Science UA could benefit you?

End-to-end AI service

Integrate AI expertise to streamline the development process, reduce costs, and create gameplay experiences that increase playtime.

Building essential core team

Forming and coordinating a diverse group of professionals to ensure a successful game-creation process.

Game-changing PvP balance solutions

Harness advanced algorithms and data analysis to optimize character attributes, weapon performance, and overall game dynamics. Our expertise ensures that your game remains competitive, enjoyable, and adaptive, with AI-driven insights that enhance player engagement and longevity in the gaming market.

Streamlining the production of 3D resources and AI visual effects

Requires optimizing workflows and utilizing advanced tools to accelerate asset creation and enhance overall visual quality, leading to more efficient and visually appealing game development.

Engage with us for transformative AI-solutions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry!

Explore our cases

Company with mobile body scanning app technology, IT

Outsource services for a project to deliver solutions based on our AI-expertise

Company with analytical service that provides comprehensive metrics for esports broadcasts and live streams

Part of real-time analytics service and end-to-end AI support

Company provides games on social networks

IT outsourcing, implemented machine learning models for personalized gameplay

Mobile app company with over 100 million users, IT

AI R&D Center with full-cycle support

Reasons to choose DATA SCIENCE UA


Dima Shvets
CEO & Co-founder – REFACE

“I would definitely recommend them and not only them as a professional as a company, but as well their conferences which are become the vital parts of technical ecosystem and gather together a lot of prominent ML minds !”


Vadim Rogovskiy

“they really did a great job they actually showed us cream of the crop…I’m very grateful to Alexandra for their cooperation and we definitely will work with them again”

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