AI-powered solutions for manufacturing excellence

We have a deep expertise in engineering and deploying advanced AI solutions for manufacturing &
industrial automation.
Our goal is to leverage the potent capabilities of our AI expertise through advanced technologies and AI algorithms to ensure the safety and efficient optimization of your manufacturing processes.


Data Science UA is a trusted partner in driving AI-solutions efficiency in the steel industry and manufacturing.

We operate as a service company, leveraging robust expertise in AI.
Our company has created the Data Science Community of over 30,000 top AI engineers in Eastern Europe.
We are able to reach the most complex goals for your projects with our expertise.

7+ years on the market

Over 100 + successful projects

20+ projects are in manufacturing

30 000+ AI engineers in our ecosystem

80+ people in-house


Data Science UA enhances risk predictability and the safety of your employees. Our trusted AI solutions for enterprises prioritize the well-being of your workforce, providing a secure foundation for operational success.

Our AI solutions adapt to changing conditions to keep your manufacturing ahead in a rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Providing real-time analytics and predictive models, our AI services enable data-driven decision-making to optimize manufacturing strategies.

Optimize resource allocation, minimize waste, and drive cost-effective solutions in manufacturing and industrial automation.

Elevate your manufacturing processes with our AI services, ensuring accuracy at every step of industrial automation for seamless and error-free production.

How Data Science UA could benefit you?

Predictive maintenance

Process automation

Quality control and detection

Advanced Technology Manufacturing

Demand Prediction

Industrial Safety

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Company with Worker-Centric AI

AI R&D Center with full-cycle back-office support
based on CV/ML.

Company with automated assistance for manufacturers

Developed AI-powered co-pilot with the focus on machine learning and computer vision.

Manufacturing with quality control automation tool

Developed automated HPLC peak integration tool based on sophisticated signal processing technique and Deep Learning.

Product integrity control automation

Automated detection of the product defect empowered by CV algorithms.

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