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Data Science UA is a Ukraine-based firm offering services based on market needs. Currently, the firm has branched out to become a recruiting and consulting branch to fulfill clients’ requirements. In 2016, the firm successfully built a Data Science & AI ecosystem around a community of 8000+ML engineers and data scientists. Since its establishment, the firm has flourished enough to organize 9 International Data Science UA conferences with over 8000+ attendees and 200+ speakers worldwide. 

Data Science UA knows almost every AI developer present in the Ukrainian market because they conduct events on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision every month. Data Science UA is also a leader in recruitment and helps the firm to hire professionals efficiently with complete transparency between the parties in terms of salary, bonuses, benefits of each engineer, etc.

GoodFirms connected with Aleksandra Boguslavskaya, CEO & Founder of Data Science UA, to know about her inspiration that prompted her to start this company. Aleksandra proudly mentions that in 2016, she decided to hold her first data science conference in Kyiv, and it turned out to be the right decision because that conference received excellent feedback. At that time, there were only a few networking events in this particular field, and Aleksandra, with her team, used to hold such conferences twice a year. Her success journey started after her first conference because she received a lot of requests for conducting AI workshops and recruiting developers and companies after that. 

Aleksandra understood that the market lacks this kind of specialized agency, so she decided to give this thought a try, and to her surprise, it worked out well. Now, Aleksandra is the CEO of this well reputed Data Science UA firm that provides full support to businesses not only for recruiting but a well-known consulting agency as well. 

By following a proper business model, Data Science UA has become one of the reliable technology partners to support firms with:

  • Team extension to scale the clients’ internal development team in a short period.
  • Consulting on project-based approach that includes building data infrastructure, automatic report system to advanced machine learning models.
  • Accessing ML/AI/NLP/CV talents to help clients in recruiting services
  • Supporting clients in all stages of the AI R&D center establishments in Ukraine and assembling a dedicated team of AI developers and data scientists needed for the client’s project.

Given below is the review by Barrel Fischer, a customer who gave a 5-star rating to Data Science UA for helping him to uncover great ideas. 

Since Data Science has established a prominent name in the industry, almost every ML/AI/Data Science project of Ukraine’s pass through them, and they advise them on every aspect. In addition to that, Data Science UA also advises universities about which subjects can be added to their data science course curriculum. Data Science UA has created a short educational series on artificial intelligence with the Ministry of Culture. With experience in serving banking sectors, retails, pharma sectors, the firm has achieved excellence by analyzing and simplifying work to build practical models. Thus, Data Science UA earns GoodFirms attention and bags a position in the list of artificial intelligence (AI) companies.

Data Science UA offers its support to various IT companies to solve their issues which helps the firm to stay proactive and master their expertise. With all the tech support, they cover all the operational areas for their client’s business. From accounting to employer branding, their firm remains available for their clients and business support in Ukraine. Further, the professionalism exhibited by the firm has helped them maintain long-term relations with every client, and some of them are in partnership with Data Science UA for 2+ years. Plus, they are also being recommended by the clients’ family and friends. With a prime focus on long-term engagement, the client list of Data Science UA is rapidly growing. The expertise and experience have led Data Science UA to offer:

  • High-quality tech recruitment 
  • Establishment of AI R&D centers
  • Data Science consulting for companies in Ukraine and around the world
  • Mentorship and education programs

Due to their large database in CV/ML, they can provide fast and efficient hiring on average 2-4 weeks. Including these, they also help firms to hire IT professionals and C-level executives. Thus, for being a proactive firm in every aspect of the project they take, Data Science UA gets ranked as one of the top machine learning companies at GoodFirms.

After reading this interview excerpt, one can read the detailed interview of CEO Aleksandra Boguslavskaya on GoodFirms.

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