Data Science UA Conference

The knowledge is everything

The first Data Science UA Conference is an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most promising IT trends of today. Our speakers, who are the best Ukrainian specialists in the field of Data Science will reveal two key aspects of science: technical and business tracks.



November 26, 2016

From 9:00 to 20:00

IDF Reforms Lab

Kyiv, st.Verkhnii Val Street, 2nd floor



Jeremy Achin
CEO, DataRobot

Keynote: A journey into the future of Data Science

Volodymyr Tkachuk
Associate Research Professor Institute for Cybernetics of NASU

Theme: Neural associative memory: history and prospects

Alexandr Honchar
AI Solution architect, MAWI

Theme: Multitask learning: learn more to learn better

Alex Zhukov
CTO and Founder, VideoGorillas

Theme: 12 million frames per second — how I got into Hollywood

Vasyl Mylko
CEO and Founder, Ingeenee

Theme: AI solves NP-complete

Juan Pablo Figueroa
Senior Data Scientist N-iX, Mercanto

Theme: How to predict with (very) small data
Language: English

Viktor Sakharchuk
Independent CV/ML R&D professional

Theme: Confidence Measures For Stereo Vision: an Engineer’s View

Mikhail Iljin
Data Scientist, Taxify

Тема: Machine Intelligence for Urban Mobility

Andy Bosyi
Founder and CEO of

Theme: NER or Recognize and classify documents and Named Entities is to use word-based models with embeddings

Dmitriy Solopov
Business Development Manager Advanced Analytics at SMART business

Workshop: Named entity recognition in the wild: intro to development of tensorflow-based system

Taras Hnot
Senior Data Analyst, SoftServe

Theme: Сustomers profiling based on psychometric characteristics

Oleksii Sliusarenko
Senior NLP engineer, Deloitte

Theme: NLP for business process automation: practical cases

Dmitriy Solopov
Business Development Manager Advanced Analytics at SMART business

Features in attracting investors to the early stage AI-startups

Tatyana Fursova
Expert of card business сross-sales department, OTP Bank

Predictive analysis: the way to get a satisfied customer