Data Analysis Services

Data science analysis unravels the mysteries of your customer’s mind. It helps to smooth out the inner processes and floodlights the market for you to stay ahead of the competition. So you can leave the magic of a crystal ball for your market rivals. Intelligent and accurate like your personal Sheldon Cooper (though much easier to deal with), scientific data analysis gives you a glimpse into the future, exploring the past and present tendencies. No need for witchcraft, just pure math is what’s needed to be successful.

In short, data analysis services are about cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover meaningful insights for business decision-making. DA is immensely diverse, but eventually, it boils down to four main categories:

  • Descriptive: “what is going on?”, the simplest and the most common type. Among examples of its use in business are KPI dashboards, revenue/sales reports;
  • Diagnostic: “why is it going on?”, looking for the connections and trends, quite common in business practice. For instance, investigating, what has driven customer retention rates down or the prices up.
  • Predictive: “what will happen in the future?”, prognosis. Risk assessment and sales forecasts, for example, fall into this category;
  • Prescriptive: “what should we do about it?”, recommendation. This is the most advanced type of analysis, requiring a reliable data basis, a clear understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives, and intricate knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses.

No forecasting or devising strategy is possible without a solid descriptive and diagnostic foundation. But sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of all the data, coming in at you from every angle. That’s where data analysis comes in handy. So if the task of setting up the necessary technology seems just a little too daunting, you can outsource data analysis services. In any case, we at Data Science UA don’t make all the decisions for you – but we do our very best to provide you with all necessary information quickly and conveniently. 

How does data analysis make your life easier?

Imagine the world without tediously juggling multiple data sources or wrestling with giant spreadsheets to get the report ready. Imagine how fantastic it would be if a monthly overview were waiting for you in your inbox on the first day of a new month. And not just any report, but the one with highlights and conclusions, making everything crystal clear. That – and so much more – that’s the world Data Science UA can offer you.

In particular, we can help you with:

  • Customer behavior analytics (both online and offline);
  • Market analytics – understand your competitors and available niches;
  • Workforce analytics;
  • Business Intelligence and reporting systems development;
  • Digital analytics (digital marketing, data science web analytics, online advertising)
  • KPI’s monitoring and management at your fingertips – we create reporting systems for owners and managers to provide them with information about what’s going on in and around their company in almost real-time. Therefore, they can remotely control some processes, making decisions without even being present at the office.

Why choose Data Science UA as your data analysis company?

We turn data science data analytics from scary to merry:

  • You need an answer to the question you still cannot define clearly? Don’t worry. We will sort it out; that’s what we are here for.
  • Business objectives of a client come first;
  • We can find all required domain experts to conjure up the best solution; we believe in going the extra mile.
  • We can create cross-service projects (like consulting + data analysis data science + recruitment or any other combination);
  • We treat each project as our own business. If you do fantastic then so do we. It’s a win-win all round.

What’s unique about our approach:

  • Information requirements are the key. We revert the logical chain, starting from the final point: decisions to be made → information required (KPIs, etc.) → initial data formats and necessary transformations → data sources;
  • We start with goals and objectives, helping you to explore the answers; the question like “What categories of clients are there and how do they differ?” is precise enough for us to handle;
  • Moreover, we answer the questions you didn’t even ask! No, we are not telepathic but we are ready to take on ‘Oh my God, we have 20 years of data, what should we do with it?’ situation, carrying out data science exploratory analysis.
  • We distinguish between technical solutions and business solutions: insights and recommendations are our domain, but it’s up to you to decide what to do with them;
  • We also strive to improve the data-mining skills of your team, perfecting decision-making;
  • We integrate data analysis into your business, making it one of the critical processes. Giving your company the tools to grow from strength to strength.

What industries does Data Science UA work with?

We are eager to help any business in need – just like Chip ‘n’ Dale in data analysis services (well, maybe less fluffy – but just as agreeable and resourceful). To name a few industries: 

  • Agriculture
  • B2B and B2C service companies 
  • IT
  • E-commerce
  • Fintech
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Almost any industry for that matter – for instance, studying customer behavior applies to lots of businesses regardless of industry.

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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your business through cutting-edge analysis? Look no further than Data Science UA, your trusted partner in developing custom AI solutions tailored to your unique business needs. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, we can help you harness the power of data science and propel your organization to new heights of success.

Why Data Science Analysis Matters

In today’s data-driven world, making informed decisions is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. This service provides invaluable insights hidden within your organization’s data, empowering you to make strategic choices that drive growth and profitability. By leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, our data science analysis services go beyond surface-level information, uncovering patterns, trends, and actionable insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Unleashing the Potential of Data Science Services

At Data Science UA, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art data science solutions that transform raw data into meaningful information. Our experienced team of data scientists, statisticians, and AI experts combine their expertise with specialized programming to extract actionable insights specific to your industry and business objectives.

With our comprehensive data science services, you can:

  1. Gain a Competitive Edge: equips you with a deep understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and industry dynamics. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your strategies, offerings, and marketing campaigns to meet the evolving needs of your target audience, giving you a competitive advantage.
  2. Drive Informed Decision-Making: Make strategic decisions backed by data-driven insights. Our services enable you to assess risks, identify opportunities, and optimize operational efficiency. Whether it’s forecasting demand, optimizing pricing strategies, or improving resource allocation, data science empowers you to make informed choices that maximize profitability.
  3. Unlock Business Innovation: Analysis is not limited to improving existing processes; it can also inspire innovation and shape the future of your business. By uncovering new patterns and trends, our services can guide you in developing groundbreaking products, enhancing customer experiences, and exploring untapped market segments.

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Don’t let valuable insights go unnoticed in your organization’s data. Get started with Data Science UA today and unlock the power of data science. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, develop tailored solutions, and deliver measurable results.

Together, we will harness the potential of data science to drive innovation, make informed decisions, and transform your business. Contact us at to embark on your data science journey and unlock the true value of your data.

Remember, in the age of data, the insights you gain through data science can be the differentiating factor that propels your business to success. Start your data science journey with Data Science UA today and stay ahead of the curve.

Industries We Serve

1. Marketing

Marketing teams tend to have lots of data about advertising, web analytics, customer behavior, etc. We can fine-tune all data analysis solutions to run like clockwork and  free up more of your marketing team’s time to be strategic and effective. Our data science services company uses machine learning to:
– forecast sales;
– recommend products;
– analyze assortment and so on.

2. Retail (E-commerce)

Retail usually accumulates large amounts of data and is eager to use data analytics.
We can help with:
– customer analysis;
– assortment analysis;
– sales forecasts;
– marketing and advertising budgets optimization;
– increase the efficiency of merchandising and supply chain management.

3. Manufacturing

Generation of optimized plans that enable predictive maintenance is one of the key goals for AI in manufacturing, as well it helps in:
– optimizing production lines and logistic chains;
– forecasting revenue;
– determining optimal employee workloads;
– setting up automated systems for monitoring compliance with safety regulations.

4. IoT

When artificial intelligence is working with IoT devices it means that data can be analyzed and decisions can be made without involvement by people. In a broad variety of industries where IoT is implemented, AI can help to identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart devices and sensors transfer (for example, air quality, humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration, sound, and others).

5. FinTech

FinTech companies usually work with sensitive information and have high-security standards. We take all necessary precautions to keep their data safe. Data Science UA can assist such businesses in:
– credit scoring;
– recommendation systems for both new and prospective clients.

6. Logistics & Warehouses

The transportation and warehouse industry is data-driven and needs analysis of historical and real-time data performed by intelligent algorithms. So our team can help with:

  • traffic management improvements
  • warehouse optimization,
  • route optimization (“travelling salesman” problem),
  •  developing optimal loading systems and utilization systems for vehicles;

7. Insuarance

AI can help insurance companies deliver high-quality service as it has done for major leaders in other industries such as Healthcare, Fintech, etc.

Our data science agency can help to:

  • create a more personalized service;
  • predict the repair costs from historical data;
  • provide a selection of better investments based on risks, preferences, and spending patterns;
  • improve claims analysis.

8. Agriculture

Farmers aim to maximize production and profits using innovative software and data collection and analysis.  We can make the analysis of historical and real-time images & data collected from databases, satellites, drones, IoT sensors that can help to:

  • increase the yield of farmlands;
  • ensure serviceability of farm equipment;
  • monitor fields conditions, irrigation, soil moisture, etc;
  • predict weather conditions.

9. Cybersecurity

Nowadays AI helps to deploy effective cybersecurity technology and allows businesses to solve major cybersecurity challenges: cyberattack, financial loss, or brand reputation damage. We can help cybersecurity teams to:

  • analyze patterns in user behaviors and respond to changing behavior;
  • identify cyber vulnerabilities and irregularities in the network.

10. Healthcare

AI is already transforming the healthcare industry—helping patients and hospitals optimize costs and increase care delivery through actionable insights. We can help to:

  • manage and analyze data to provide;
  • improve preventive care;
  • create personalized treatments;
  • make optimization of scheduling and bed management;
  • detect and analyze patient patterns and correlations for better decision making.

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FAQ about Data Science Analysis Services

What you get with managed analytics and data analysis services?

With managed analytics and data analysis services, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies and expert insights to extract meaningful value from your data. Some key benefits include  actionable insights, customized solutions, cost and time efficiency.

What is the popular approaches to data analysis?

Data analysis encompasses various approaches that help extract insights from raw data. Popular approaches include Descriptive Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, which involves identifying relationships and dependencies to provide insights into the factors influencing certain outcomes, Predictive Analysis, which helps businesses anticipate trends, identify potential risks, and make proactive decisions and Prescriptive Analysis, which guides businesses towards the best course of action.

How much will data analysis cost us?

The cost of data analysis services can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the volume and quality of data, the scope of analysis required, and the level of expertise needed. It is best to discuss your specific needs with a data science company like ours to get a tailored cost estimate. At Data Science UA, we offer competitive pricing and work closely with our clients to provide cost-effective solutions that deliver maximum value for their investment.

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