AI Research and Development (R&D) center in Ukraine: new opportunity to grow your business

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Aleksandra Boguslavskaya, CEO/Founder, Data Science UA

April 9




Any crisis is an opportunity! ?

If you are an innovative startup or a product company, the part of your product needs AI solutions.

If you are CEO, CTO, VP, Founder, Investor, Director of Engineering or R&D, this webinar is definitely for you!  


Building AI R&D center in Silicon Valley is a challenging task:

? Research engineers have huge salaries ($150K+, plus stock options in certain cases).

? Long time to find qualified candidates (6-9 months). 

? Insane competition for the best talents with large R&D centers of big companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix.

? The recruitment process is exhausting, the recruiting fees are huge.

? Expensive insurance, office rental, and other extra-fees.


During this webinar, we’ll explore the opportunity to build AI R&D center in Ukraine. Many companies like Grammarly, Ring, DataRobot, MacPaw, Samsung, Boeing, Snapchat, and others have already established their design centers in Ukraine, and you can join and build your success story here. 


Why Ukraine: Ukraine is the #1 software development destination in Central and Eastern Europe and #4 most significant exporter of IT products and services in the world. Many well-known Ph.D.s are from Ukraine (like Prof. A. Ivakhnenko and Prof. M. Schlesinger) are among the founders of the modern approaches in machine learning and computer vision.


About us: Data Science UA was established in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Over the years, we’ve built an ecosystem around the community of 5000+ professionals in data science and AI, which allows us to provide high-quality recruitment, consulting, and education services. 

We organized 8 international conferences with 500+ attendees. Our expertise in providing these services allows us to jump to the next stage: we started to build AI R&D centers. With our help, you can open the AI R&D center and have the core team on-board within 3 months! 

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