IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Course. Second edition

15 speakers from TOP companies

13 modules


Lecture duration: 1,5-3 hours

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At Data Science UA, we don’t need the six-handshake theory to meet key market players. We create the perfect match between IT professionals and the best companies in the world.


More than 5 years of experience in IT recruitment and we can find any candidate for any project and a cool team for the strongest engineer.


So, we decided to gather all our knowledge, experience, and real cases and created a course that will help each participant to become a first-class IT recruiter.


You need our IT Recruitment. Practice. Only. Course if:

  • you work as a recruiter, but decided to discover the world of IT;


  • you have heard a lot about IT and want to build a career in this field;


  • you want to reach a new level and close more complex vacancies;


  • it is convenient for you to work from anywhere in the world



You need our IT Recruiter School because:

  • Our speakers are TOP specialists from the best IT companies. You can read hundreds of books, and you can chat with those who have gone through all possible challenges and gained invaluable experience. School mentors will share insights that are used daily.


  • The program is the heart of our course. It will beat in the rhythm of the most current practices, tools, and approaches used by a first-class IT recruiter.


  • Practice. Practice. And a hundred more times practice. Every second Saturday we will test all recruiting tools on ourselves during practical workshops.


  • 80 level in knowledge of the IT recruiter in 45 days. You grow professionally and personally. And this is the best foundation for a successful career.


Course format — online


Our speakers

Volodymyr Levitsky
Technical Recruiter, Grammarly

Karina Karpenko
Technical Recruiter,Bolt

Oleksii Grekov
Head of Recruitment, SQUAD

Ksenia Konorska
Head of Recruitment, Reface

Anatoliy Yurynsky
Team Lead, Cycle

Yana Pampuha
COO, Global Talent

Julia Kudina
VP of People, Reface

Olexander Reshetnikov
Sourcing Lead, Brightgrove

Yulia Melnychuk
Senior Talent Delivery Specialist, Intellias

Maria Dzyubina
Head of Marketing, Room 8 group

Kateryna Voitenko
HRD, Greenstone Management

Mila Cherniy
Lead Career Consultant, Agile Engine

Oleksandra Boguslavskaya
CEO & Founder, Data Science UA

Anastasia Rusavska
Head of Recruitment, Data Science UA

Victoria Kenchadze
Senior Technical Recruiter, Snap Inc.

Oleg Boguslavskyi
Co-owner Data Science UA

Nika Tamayo Flores
Head of Consulting, Data Science UA

Course program:


The first module

1. Introduction to the profession. Alexandra Boguslavskaya and Anastasia Rusavskaya.

* The structure of the course: how it is built, what it will consist of, its main purpose, and knowledge that participants will receive upon completion

* Data Science UA. Company philosophy. How do we find the right candidates?

* Why a recruiter is archival. Types of recruitment, types of recruiters, their positions and roles

* What vacancies does an IT recruiter close? Which KPIs are optimal and realistic? How to be a successful IT recruiter?

2. Professional ethics of the IT recruiter.

Oleksandra Boguslavska and Anastasia Rusavska

* Ethical framework of the IT recruiter: learn to be a professional in any situation

* How to communicate with potential candidates? Which tone of voice to choose?

* Why is it important to stay on good terms with the candidate? And how to do it?


The second module

1. The recruitment process. Anastasia Rusavska and Oleksandra Boguslavska

* The full cycle of the process of finding the right candidate: from the client’s application to closing the vacancy with the right specialist

* All stages of candidate selection. Why can’t you skip any of the stages?

* CRM: why is it important to maintain a database? How to properly fill in the database of each candidate?

2. IT specialization. Anatoliy Yurynsky and Nika Tamayo Flores

* Foundation of IT technologies. The process of creating an IT product.

* What are IT positions and how do they differ?

* What skills should every development engineer have? * Hard skills in IT. Their classification. What hard skills should a specific IT specialist have?

3. IT specialization. Part 2. Anatoliy Yurynsky and Oleg Boguslavsky


The third module

1. Withdrawal of the application from the client. Anastasia Rusavska and Oleksandra Boguslavska

* Work with the vacancy. How to read the application from the customer?

* How to find out all the details from the customer? What questions should be asked before starting a search for a candidate?

* What is the level of expertise of the IT recruiter at this stage?

* Scorecard


The fourth module

1. Position the recruiter in the company.

Alexey Grekov

* The role of the recruiter: performer or consultant?

* VERSUS recruiter manager

(or about partnership)

* Master of his craft – in word and deed

* Stereotypes in collaboration with the manager and the hiring team. How do overcome them?


The fifth module

1. Secrets of successful sourcing. Yulia Melnychuk

* Welcome to the world of sourcing and sourcing strategies.

* What are Boolean Operators?

* Search on LinkedIn and beyond

* X-Ray and Open Google Search to search for candidates and their contacts.


The sixth module

1. Selling a candidate’s vacancy online. Alexandra Boguslavskaya

* Key magnets to change work.

* Motivation of the candidate for a new position.

* How to build communication with the candidate so that he thinks about changing jobs?

2. Online communication with the candidate. Dear Black

* How to write a letter that you want to bookmark?

* How to help the candidate think about changing the project?

* How not to write templates, but, conversely, to create “human” letters?


The seventh module

Places where candidates are “found”. Alexander Reshetnikov

* Is there life outside of Linkedin?

* Alternative sources for finding candidates


The eighth module

1. “And you’re so cold.” Tips & Tricks calls candidates. Vladimir Levitsky

* Cold? Warm! How to convert a “cold” candidate in the hiring process.

* Secrets of cold calls.

2. Demonstration version of the interview with the programmer live. Anatoliy Yurynsky and Oleksandra Boguslavska

* 30-minute live interview with the developer.

* Interview analysis. Purpose and key points.

* Reflection and analysis of the interview.


The ninth module

1. In-depth interview with the candidate. Karina Karpenko

* How is a long interview different from a short interview?

* What should the recruiter understand, find out, and evaluate during a long interview?

* What methods does an experienced IT recruiter use to find out all the necessary details during a long interview?

2. Test task. Anatoliy Yurynsky

* “Do not want. I will not”. How to motivate a candidate to complete a test task?

* Why, in most cases, the test task is the most important indicator?

* In which cases the test is not required?


The tenth module

1. Social Media in recruitment. Dear Black

* Personal brand of the recruiter in social networks.

* Search for candidates on social networks.

* Social activity – a new cardiogram?

2. Talent Analytics. She is Pampuha

* Basics of People & Recruitment Analytics.

* Fundamental steps to get started with People & Recruitment Analytics.

* Data collection for recruitment.

* Basic metrics.


The eleventh module

1. Finishing line: a collection of recommendations and offers. How not to fail everything? Ksenia Konorska

* Where to collect recommendations and whether it is worth it at all?

* When to send an offer and what should always be emphasized?

* What to do when everything is already done?

* Counter-offer: rules of the game.

* Refusal of the offer – just the beginning of the story.

2. Employer brand as it is. Top features to create the amazing company brand. Maria Dzyubina

* How to fall in love with the company?

* What values are important and which work best?

* Real-life stories of a friend


The twelfth module

1. Candidate’s feedback. Feedback to the customer. Kateryna Voitenko

* Feedback as the basis of the recruiter’s reputation.

* Basic principles of providing feedback.

* Culture of honest feedback.

* Templates and blanks IT recruiter.

2. Onboarding/retention. Julia Kudina

* What is onboarding and why is this process so important for the company and employees?

* How we board new employees in Reface.

* Build relationships with the team inside Reface.

* Training and team development.

* History of benefits.

* Performance review.


The thirteenth module

1. Deadly sins of an IT recruiter. Alexandra Boguslavskaya and Anastasia Rusavskaya

* Taboos and prohibitions.

* Recruiter IT etiquette

* The most common mistakes of the recruiter and how to “ask” them?

2. Hell circle: client – hiring manager – recruiter – candidate – how to make everyone achieve their goal. Oleg Boguslavsky.

* The goals of each participant in the recruitment process under the microscope.

* Building a relationship with the hiring manager.

* How to make all parties to the recruitment process achieve their goals.

* Ethics and recipes for effective communication.




1. Is it possible to pay for a course with a legal entity?

Yes, we can bill for payment. Write to us by e-mail: and we will solve this moment.


2. Can I pay for the course in installments?

No, payment for the course is made only in full.


3. What language will the speakers’ lectures be?

Ukrainian and Russian. Depending on the language spoken by the speaker.




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Feedback from our students

Very pleased with the recruitment course from Data Science UA, which I took in May 2021.


Informative lectures, lots of practice, interesting and professional teachers. The course of study from 0, having no background in IT.


There was a very rich and dynamic program, complex and at the same time interesting homework. Happy with the opportunities to find your way in IT recruiting.


After completing the courses, thanks to good academic results, I successfully passed the interview and became a recruiter at Data Science UA, and I apply all the tips in practice.



Olena, IT recruiter at Data Science UA

Started this course in April 2022.


I liked the topic of IT recruiting so much that I study all the time. And when the news of the new lectures came out, I immediately went to watch.


However, I never thought I wanted to study IT. Maybe I was scared of the terminology, but it turns out that everything is clear.



Vladyslav, community manager