IT Recruitment. Practice. Only

Ksenia Konorskaya and Yana Pampukha

February 16

from 19:00 p.m. till 21:00 p.m.

Offline and Online


On February 16, we will hold “IT Recruitment. Practice. Only” — the webinar dedicated to IT recruitment. Our speakers will share real experience and successful cases: about increasing the team in three times in 4 months and converting 100500 activities into real offers.

Format — offline and online.

Choose the best option for you:

  • do you miss live meetings and ready for offline networking? Then we are waiting for you in our favorite Creative Quarter office in BC Gulliver (Everything will be held in compliance with quarantine regulations)
  • do you still prefer to study in a comfortable place for you? Join our meetup online from anywhere in the world.

Details. Speakers. Topics.

Ksenia Konorskaya Head of Recruitment in Reface. Ksenia has 5 years of experience in recruitment, she truly believes in lean and that strong teams can rewrite history.

? The process of hiring in Reface or how to find your own?

Ksenia will share her incredible experience of growing the company in a short time. In just 4 months, Reface has grown from 40 to 130 people. How did they do it? What lessons did they learn? How did they gather the most talented workers under one roof? What are the secrets of the success of this case?

The answers to these and a million other questions are available at our meetup.

Yana Pampukha COO at Global Talent.

For 9 years she has gone from HR and recruitment to COO of an international IT company. Certified trainer, career development consultant, and business coach. In 2016, together with the HR team, KPMG Ukraine entered the TOP-10 of two ratings of the publication “Business” – “HR team” and “Innovation in HR”.

? Result-oriented recruitment: how to turn actions into results?

The work of a recruiter means 100500 actions every day. However, not all of them bring the desired result. In this lecture, Yana will talk about how to focus on the result, not the process. How to focus on achieving results in accordance with the goal. How to increase work efficiency in order to achieve better productivity of all resources, including time. Finally, how to convert 100500 actions to 100500 offers.


It will be useful for those:

✅ recruiters who work in a highly competitive environment and at “high speeds”;

✅ recruiters who need to show high results and KPIs every month;

✅ recruiters who are constantly working with a request “for yesterday” and a large number of communications;

✅ recruiters who have extensive experience and for those who are just starting out.

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