What can your transaction base tell about the health of your business?

Paul Levchuk, Head of Data & Growth, Bitrix24

April 21

from 07:00 p.m. till 08:30 p.m.



On April 21, Paul Levchuk, Head of Data & Growth, Bitrix24, will hold an online meetup on the topic: “What can your transaction base tell about the health of your business?

The transaction base of any company can tell a story about how and by what means the company grew, how high-quality customers were attracted, what decisions were made. To learn this story, you need to fundamentally divide customers into new and old.

New clients are always about the quality of attraction, about the rate of recruiting a client base.

Therefore, at the meetup  we’ll talk:

? How much faster do new customers grow than old ones?

? Do we attract new clients with the same quality?

? What happens to new customers on the long horizon?

? Does solvency affect retention?

Old clients seem to be very stable. This is not true. If you start doing separate analytics on them, you can answer the following questions:

? Does the retention of old clients change over time?

? Are old customers more important than new ones?

? What will happen if you do not attract new clients and live only at the expense of old ones?

How can you balance both types of clients?

Answer: building a coordinate system where independent work is carried out with each segment of clients. Let’s consider an example of an RF matrix.


Speaker: Paul Levchuk is a marketing analyst with extensive practical experience in database marketing. 

Author: https://ecommerce-in-ukraine.blogspot.com


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