With Applied Experience Data Science UA Is Delivering Innovative Services to Multiple Niches: GoodFirms

Data Science UA has expertise in delivering data science services and assisting firms to excel in the marketplace. As a professional data science community, they are into organizing events in analytics & AI. Scroll down through the details of the firm and the services offered by them.

Company Introduction

Data Science is a professional firm that has been developing data science services since its establishment in 2016. The firm is headquartered in Ukraine and working with full passion and dedication to deliver services in different sectors. They also act as a consulting firm to some companies who want their support in digital transformation. Working with the largest database of CV/ML engineers and data scientists, the firm has become one of the most reliable data science firms in the market today. The fast and efficient team works with complete transparency and dedication to support businesses at various stages by offering the right services.

Data Science works with their primary goal of offering services to foreign AI companies to enter the Ukrainian market and achieve business goals. In their 5+ years of business tenure, they have done 60+ events & meetups and held 9 Data Science UA conferences. Plus, the 8000+ engineers ensure the work is being delivered to the clients efficiently on time. 

GoodFirms Process

GoodFirms is an online portal that consists of a list of different companies ranked and registered under various categories to support service seekers hire a dependable partner for their firm. The companies listed on the GoodFirms website are gauged on Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters before they are added to the GoodFirms directory. The GoodFirms unit does extensive research to evaluate the companies on these parameters to be categorized on the website.

The exact process was used to evaluate Data Science UA, and it was observed that they are excellent in delivering the right services to various clients’ niches. Their list of services in detail is cited below.

The team of expert engineers works to offer various services and to multiple niches. They help candidates find the right project in just three steps. The firm first tries to understand candidates’ expectations, advise, and help them get connected with the right project. Not just this, they are also involved in the hiring process and lead candidates to get the right offer. The Data Science UA team also offer corporate education where they conduct different types of courses like:

  • Data science for managers
  • Data visualization
  • Custom course based on needs

They also support young professionals and find mentors who can make them familiar with AI and data science technologies and tools. They can guide the candidates to find the right mentor and steer them in work. 

Working with continuous efforts and dedication, the firm supports clients in every stage of their digital and data transformation; the firm has helped many businesses have their identities. Right from building data infrastructure, automatic reports to advance machine learning models, they provide everything.

For being a professional AI and data science firm offering different services to various niches, Data Science UA is on GoodFirms radar as one of the top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies.

Data Science, since its establishment, has been developing the data science and AI community along with organizing events. The firm assists with its services in various niches, recruitment, education, and consulting by delivering fast and efficient services. 

Ieven Shevchenko, Operations Director at Captify, a programmatic advertising company, applauded Data Science UA in his review. The detailed review can be read below.

Data science UA, as a reliable technology partner, helps AI product companies enter the Ukrainian market and establish their own AI R&D center in Ukraine, where they cover all aspects of the operation, including

  • Recruitment
  • Office management
  • Legal and compliance
  • Employer branding
  • HR management
  • Health insurance
  • IT support

Any client who wishes to establish an AI R&D center in Ukraine can directly contact the Data Science UA team, and they will help them form a professional team of developers. And after signing the contract, the client can start delivering the work in 3 months. 

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