Delivering a Full-cycle Back-office Support AI R&D Center for Everguard.AI


Everguard.AI is a US-based company with an industrial health and safety platform and ecosystem aimed at impeding industrial accidents. Its mission is to protect people, provide them with safe working conditions, and minimize costs and loss of time. The Everguard.AI team is developing the future of industrial safety based on machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion and IoT.

Industry: – IT

Location: – USA

Client since: Feb 2020


Everguard.AI provides a platform, which employs artificial intelligence, computer vision, real-time  location system, edge computing, and wearables. Intending to fulfill the utter pool of tasks, the company experienced a sheer lack of top-qualified specialists. Given that Everguard.AI faced problems with recruiting engineers in the local market, the team decided to look for professionals abroad. 


When expanding its development team, our client chose Ukraine due to the concentration of experienced and gifted specialists in AI and ML technologies. Therefore, Data Science UA wasn’t a random decision but a well-thought-out choice of an expert team with hands-on expertise in this niche. Since 2016 Data Science UA built the biggest AI community in Ukraine, allowing assembling a qualified team and tackling issues related to R&D center opening from legal and compliance to recruiting, HR management, customs clearance for expensive and complex equipment, etc.


Fast and efficient hiring

Despite the quarantine restrictions, we managed to assemble a team within a short deadline. It took a month to bring the Core team of engineers together and kick off the process. 

R&D Office

In terms of our cooperation with Everguard.AI, we provided the company support at every stage of opening its development office in Kyiv, Ukraine. As a result, the synergy between Ukrainian and American teams has transformed into the space where solutions based on Computer Vision/Machine Learning spring up. Implementing this technology allows Everguard.AI to decrease the risk of injuries and even deaths, and prevent accidents at steel plants, construction sites and other heavy manufacturing factories worldwide.

Legal compliance

The client uses special IT tax incentives offered by the Ukrainian law and pays the lower tax rate. It means that the company complies with national legislation and runs its operations transparently.

Organization of smooth workflow

At Data Science UA, we provided our client with all necessary support and organized a smooth launch of the R&D center. We found a comfortable office space for our client and equipped it with all the required software and hardware. Plus, our account managers tackled medical assurance, accounting, and human resources issues that let Everguard.AI focus on prime delivery activities.

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