Establishing AI R&D Center with the focus on Computer Vision


The proprietary technology is built into Smart TVs and easily maps to smart phones and tablets. By recognizing what’s on screen, the system learns what viewers like and using machine learning algorithms, enables discovery of shows and actors in a whole new way.

Industry: – IT

Location: – USA

Client since: Jun 2021


Company’s solution is a highly complex set of CV and other algorithms. Some of them were designed to be executed on SmartTV platforms with significant MIPS constraints. It was required to find computer vision engineers and data scientists, who would be capable of implementing and optimizing the algorithms considering the constraints. Also the hired engineers had to work at least 3-4 hours in the US PDT timezone.


Data Science UA built teams of Computer Vision specialists for other clients in the past. Key engineers helped to choose the best talents for the Client, so in most of the cases the engineers, who passed our interviews, passed the interviews on the Client side as well. Many engineers from our community were interested in the solution and agreed to participate in the interviewing process. Product technical details are under NDA.


Fast recruitment

We looked for the best industry specialists to join our client’s team. As a result, we assembled a group of talented Computer Vision engineers in a few months.

Organization of smooth workflow

At Data Science UA, we provided our client with all necessary support and organized a smooth launch of the R&D center. There were specific security requirements for the laptops used by the engineers, which were fulfilled. We also found a comfortable office space for the engineers, which they can use 24/7. Our account managers take care about medical assurance, accounting and HR to boost engineer’s productivity and job satisfaction.

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