How to build analytics in a company if your main product is a website?

Oksana Nosenko, Senior Product Analyst at Jooble

June 2nd

from 06:30 p.m. till 09:30 p.m.



On June 2nd, Oksana Nosenko will hold an online webinar on: “How to build analytics in a company if your main product is a website?”. 

The company can spend a lot of time developing the functionality of the site and implementing this project. But after the product is released, the next difficult and perhaps even longer stage begins the analysis and improvement of weaknesses.

You start asking questions:

? How do they use my product? So how did we plan?

? Which functionality is the most popular?

? How much time do users spend on the site? Do they have time to convert? What sequence of steps contributes to this?

? Which channels of user engagement are the most profitable? And taking into account repeated transitions? Is there an attribution difference between the first and last click?


To be able to answer all these and other questions, it is necessary to have a well-established analytical infrastructure. This includes not only the must-have web tool Google Analytics but also product and event databases, information about transactions, advertisers, Google issues, communication with customers, and much more.

Therefore, how not to get confused in the choice of tools, not to set up the collection of analytics for years and not to pay for it the lion’s share of profits, as well as focus on achieving data-driven goals – step by step we will discuss at our meeting.

At the webinar you will learn:             

  • Google Analyst, why is this tool not enough?
  • How to set up data collection and storage?
  • Tag Manager + Big Query + BI
  • Choosing North Star Metric and building a pyramid of metrics
  • A / B self-testing, if ready-made tools are not suitable
  • What analyzes should be done in the first place when the infrastructure is ready?
  • How to avoid misunderstandings in reading metrics?

The webinar will be useful for:

? a small and medium business that wants to implement/optimize /refine analytics in the company, namely:

? analysts (web / marketing / product / date), managers (product / SEO / marketing), CMO, CRO.


Speaker: Oksana Nosenko, Senior Product Analyst at Jooble.

Experience in building analytics in projects from scratch, implementation of BI systems, and development data warehouses. Author and mentor of courses for analysts.


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