Explainable AI (XAI)

What is explainable AI?

Explainable AI is a property of artificial intelligence that allows humans to understand what is happening inside the model and how the solution was obtained. XAI is the opposite of the “black box” concept when the process of decision-making is unclear. The property of explainable AI allows the developers to adjust and correct the model if needed. It also strengthens the trust in the model and helps to identify the existing bias.

Why is it important?

Artificial intelligence is not a simple field, and the results you get are not always straightforward. Explainable AI solves this problem. First, it allows for a clear explanation of the decision-making process performed by the model. This, in turn, creates greater trust between the model and the clients. Furthermore, it allows determining what exactly influences the model, where might the possible bias come from, and how the model can be improved.